Paris March – France

Committee for the organization of the PARIS March
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Ms. Tran Nghi – Federation of Asian Countries for Human Rights (FPADH)
Public Relations officer for the Association of Young Vietnamese in Paris (HTTN) and member of the Federation of Asian Countries for Human Rights (FPADH).
The Federation of Asian Countries for Human Rights (FPADH) was founded in 2007 and it regroups the different Asian communities which live in France and the causes and political struggle for freedom, democracy and Human Rights which are expressed by the people, at the risk of their own life, of their country of origin.

Mr. Armand Clerc – Coordinator of the communities of support for Tibet in Europe

Armand Clerc is a rigger and scaffolding assembler. He started to support the cause for a Free Tibet, and this experience allowed him to meet other people belonging to other associations pro-Vietnam and pro-Burma. He’s committed to Human Rights as a mean to a peaceful coexistence and world peace.

Ms. Lydia Labertrandie – Président of TIBET 77
Lydia Labertrandie was elected vice-mayor and worked as an international activitst in her city before creating with a group of persons the Association TIBET 77, with the purpose of helping Tibetan refugees. After traveling in several countries and the encounter with different communities she becomes very attached to the theme of freedom of expression and the promotion of the universal respect of Human Rights in a peaceful and humanist way.

Mr Htin Kyaw Lwin – Burmese Community in France

Htin Kyaw Lwin has supported the democratic movement since the days of the revolution of 8 August 1988 in Burma (the 8888 uprising). He’s been living in France since 2001. He’s the representative of the association “Burmese Community in France.” (

Mr. Michel Tran Duc – Viet Tan

Michel Tran Duc is a project manager for a Software Service Company. He’s been since a long time a member of Viet Tan  (, a party supporting and promoting democracy in Vietnam through non violent means.


Mr. Wu Jiang – Chairman of China Democratic Party in France





Mr Thupten Gyatso – Tibetan community in France



Mr. Yusufu Alcbar – Uhygur community in France




With the support of:

Mr. Pierre Martial
France Aung San Suu Kyi, www.aungsansuukyi.frFounded in May 2009 by the writer-journalist Pierre Martial, France Aung San Suu Kyi is actively and concretely engaged to support Aung San Suu Kyi and help the Birman people carrying out the democratisation of Burma and boosting its economic and social development.


Mr. Vien Thach – Representative of the KHMER KAMPUCHEA – KROM  FEDERATION (KKF), an NGO for Human Rights. –



Ms. Vanida S. Thephsouvanh – LAO MOVEMENT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS
Born in Laos in 1945, graduated in History at the Newcastle University, Australia.
Exiled to France since 1975. Active militant for human rights, democracy and the safeguard of the environment heritage of Laos. Vanida S. Thephsouvanh is one of the founders of ”Siddhi Paxa” (People’s Rights), a bulletin on human rights, democracy and environmental safeguard of Laos, edited in Paris and distributed as a clandestine publication within Laos since 1989.