SATURDAY 12th OCTOBER, 2019 – 2pm


from Piazza del Comune to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sorbo

Roma, Parigi, Campagnano, X Marcia per la Libertà, 21 ott 2017

Società Libera, a non political Association for Liberal culture, has been promoting the International March for the Freedom of Oppressed Minorities and Peoples for 12 years, in order to denounce the deprivation of fundamental freedoms and the difficulties that hundreds of millions people meet pursuing the right to self determination.

Pursuing the development of open societies, where everyone can realize their potential with States and monopolies being less and less invasive, we are aware that it is not enough to deal with internal political and economical freedoms if we do not tackle the crucial issue of Human Rights in the World: the defense of Freedom cannot but be global, as its need is felt in more than a quarter of the countries of this world.
With this purpose in mind, we march silently every year, together with the Communities of exiled oppressed peoples, among which Uyghurs, Venezuelans, Iranians, Vietnamese, in order raise the awareness of public opinion and institutions. We also carried out in the past said marches in Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Barcelona.

This initiative has seemed odd to the liberal world, maybe because it is accustomed to think about freedom using an “intellectual” approach. In fact, we believe that the same passion for a global pursue of Freedom can spread into the liberal galaxy, overcoming its fragmentation and contributing to affirm its own specificity.
We need significant and effective signals from Western institutions that state the respect of Human Rights with declarations of principle, but in fact make deals with Governments having little consideration for said principles. These principles, in our opinion, cannot be bargained with.

We can mention, as examples of this, the Silk Road project, lead by China, a country that systematically represses the rights of Tibetan, Uyghur and Mongolian minorities and promotes a neo-colonial policy in Africa with a reckless exploitation of the environment; the one-party regime in Laos and Cambodia, the denied religious freedoms in Vietnam, the repression of the Harratin minority in the South of Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania, the denial of fundamental rights for the Indios, Kurds and Sudanese.

Christian minorities, moreover, are massively prosecuted and not supported enough by ecclesiastical institutions and hierarchies.

We feel that our common effort can also be more effective than the one of the so-called “professionals of Human Rights”, who compartmentalize and use emotional and politically correct approaches.

Italian Liberalism must testimony its commitment marching silently for 5 Km on the Via Francigena, a route which is a symbol of the freedom of Peoples. Let us march together, let us practice a Liberalism that is not only chatted about, let us try to shake public opinion, let us transform the yearly appointment on the final stretch of the Via Frangicena into a signal that may move the Peoples of Europe.

  • Enough with caring about Freedom in the world only during election campaigns
  • Enough with Liberals who overlook the repression of fundamental freedoms
  • Enough with the Western world that dwells in the politically correct
  • Enough with Europe closing its eyes to the Chinese colonial expansion in Africa
  • Enough with Christians who ignore the massacre of fellow Christians in the world
  • Enough with information media acting as courtiers without searching for truth and knowledge

Let us march on the Via Francigena
for the Freedom of Oppressed Peoples

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